Why Vaping May Not Help In The Fight For Cancer But Is Better Than Traditional Smoking

Those cigarette commercials which tell you that “cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health” are pretty much right on par. Why? Well, first off tobacco contains a chemical called nicotine. This chemical is a carcinogen. More specifically, a cancer inducing chemical which assists or acts as a catalyst for tumor growth. Cigarettes also contain other chemicals such which can cause elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate as well as slowly rotting your lungs. This could potentially lead to potential heart and lung problems which could be more expensive than a pack of cigarettes.

Now e cigs are a much better alternative because unlike their cigarette counterparts they do not release carbon monoxide, a gas that could potentially kill you as it increases heart rate and blood pressure which puts a lot of strain on the heart. In addition, e cigs also do not contain tar which is one of the deadlier parts of a cigarette and they feel close to the real thing. The way it works is they have cartridge filled liquid which is either heated up to hit with ultrasonic waves which produce a fine smoke like mist. The best part is they even come in an assortment of different flavors.

With American blue tip electronic cigarettes you will find that not only do you get the real sensation of smoking, but you also don’t get the smokers smell both on your clothes and your breath. The way it works is that it uses an atomizer which is triggered when you inhale, it releases water vapor which looks and feels like the real deal. American blue tip cigs are one of those e cigs that do not contain tar, making this relatively cheap shift now could potentially save your life.

Keep in mind, American blue tip electronic cigarettes need replacement cartridges as they only last about 100 uses. If you are a heavy chain smoker it would really help to carry around more than two cartridges as well as purchasing them in bulk. The BLU electronic cigarettes battery allows you to last the whole day on a single charge. These blue tip electronic cigarettes are also convenient as well as a cheaper way to either slowly ease your way out of smoking or eventually quit. BLU electronic cigarettes are also relatively cheaper in the long run. Why pay $5 to $8 for a pack when you can easily purchase BLU electronic cigarettes which eventually save you money in the long run (over $1,200 per year). Also, a normal cigarette does not last nearly as long as the American blue tip cigs cartridges do, which means more potential smoking time with your BLU electronic cigarettes.

Using American blue tip electronic cigarettes is not only beneficial to you, but to your direct family and friends as well. The risk of breathing secondary smoke is not present as blue tip electronic cigarettes smoke is not harmful. If you are a chain smoker, do yourself a favor and purchase a pack of American blue tip cigs now as they can potentially save you bigger and more expensive medical bills. Think about it, is it worth spending thousands of dollars on hospital bills when you can easily get BLU electronic cigarettes for much less?