Back Pain: My Personal Journey For A Cure

Is there a cure for back pain? Not just a temporary fix, but a real cure. A way to pprevent back pain and if you are suffering curing it once and for all. For several months I have been on a personal journey  how to cure back pain. The pain started in my right buttocks and radiated down my right leg to my right foot. At first I thought it was only a muscle pull, the results of lifting several heavy boxes in and out of a van. However the discomfort continued and got progressively worst.

Standing, walking and especially driving became torture.Sometimes it would be more like a burning sensation and sometimes my foot would go numb and I when I walked I could not tell if my foot was touching the ground. Now at sixty-three I considered myself in pretty good shape. I have always exercised and watched what I ate. Fortunately I have managed to avoid serious injury and sickness. This was all about to change!

Finally a month after first experiencing discomfort I went to my family doctor. He prescribed some medicaton and referred me to physical therapy. To make a long story short PT didn’t work. In fact it only made it worst. Finally after a MRI revealed a herniated disc. I had surgery. Now one week later I am flat on my back.. I feel much better, but still experience some numbing sensations. The surgeon says it may take a year or more before I’ m 100%. Now thta’s the good news. The bad news is I may never completely be back to my old self. There has to be a better way! So have I cured my back pain? For now the answer is yes? However my personal journey continues. Not only to I want to cure my back pain – I want to prevent it from happening again!

Since my surgery I have been researching back conditions and alternatives to surgery – yeah I know I should of thought of this before surgery! I have discovered that there are methods, treatments and exercises that if follwed can bring about relief from back pain. These treatments get at the undelying cause of back pain. One of the most highly recommended is a program called “Lose the Back Pain” 

Now six months after surgery I can report that a consistent program of exercise does work. Am I a 100% back to my old self? No, am I getting stronger and stronger? Yes. for more information, free guide and lots of videos .